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  level 1 students activity topic language point

Are you happy? pairs speaking self are you? / adjectives

Are you writing? pairs mime actions present progressive

Bingo class listening numbers listening to numbers

Can you? Do you? groups speaking self can you? / do you? 

Can you skate? class speaking abilities can you?

Do you have a pet? pairs speaking personal belongings do you have? / adjectives

Do you like baseball? class speaking likes and dislikes do you like?

Do you like ice cream? pairs speaking likes and dislikes do you like?

Do you play the piano? pairs speaking self do you?

TPR for beginners class listening  classroom language commands

When's your birthday? class speaking months and dates talking about dates

Who cooks the dinner? pairs speaking  daily life at home verbs - third person

Who's in the art club? pairs speaking school clubs who is?

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