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  level 3 students activity topic language point

About you groups speaking self talking about self

Bonfire night class  listening culture listening for meaning

Describe and draw pairs speaking famous people describing people

Find someone class speaking self asking personal questions

Find someone international class speaking languages greetings

Halloween class listening culture listening for meaning 

Number practice pairs speaking numbers listening to numbers 

Preferences pairs  speaking famous people / self like better / prefer 

Spring vacation pairs speaking self simple past

Time bingo 7 by 7 class speaking time telling the time

X'mas crossword class listening Christmas listening for meaning

What am I thinking of? pairs speaking living things comparative adjectives

Which country? - listening class listening countries listening about countries

Which country? - pairwork pairs speaking countries talking about countries 

Which do you like better? groups speaking preferences talking about likes and dislikes

Who's who? class listening famous people physical characteristics

Will you master English? pairs speaking self adverbs of frequency

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